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Cabinets Refinishing Options

Refinishing area

6 or less door/drawer openings. $108 per opening 

14 or less door/drawer openings. $102 per opening 

49 or Less Door/Drawer Openings. $98 per opening 

50+ door/drawer openings. $95 per opening 

Finish options

Clear finish included 

Paint included

Rustication type

Scuffs and notches. $10 per door/drawer opening 

Brushing. $10 per door/drawer opening 

Both. $17 per door/drawer opening

Rustication intensity

Light rustication. Recommended for larger areas 

Medium rustication. Recommended for smaller areas

Heavy rustication. Recommended for select furniture

Questions and Answers
Q. Do you do drawer repair? 
A. Yes we do. Sending picture is recommended since we may need to order a new drawer slider, or another part of the drawer that can not be fixed upon visit. Please note that certain cabinet, or vanity parts taking some time to arrive.