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Exterior painting options

1 Level house. Up to 12 feet. $1.25 per square foot

2 Level house. Up to 18 feet. $2.50 per square foot

2 Level house. Up to 22 feet. $3.50 per square foot 


$2.00 per linear foot 

Additional coatings. $0.50 per linear foot

Window planter box

Custom window planter box. $50-$110 per linear foot 

Questions and Answers 
Q. Do you always use primer before painting?
A. Primer would be preferred for drastic color changes and to reach desired smoothness. We don't charge for it separately, but as an additional coat. Without primer some colors would require up to 5 coats, where with primer 2 coats of paint could be sufficient.
Q. Do you work on roofs?
A. In regards to the roofs, we do repairs only.