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Interior painting options

Covering area

399 square feet or less. $1.15 per square foot

400 square feet or more. $0.95 per square foot 


149 square feet or less. $1.15 per square foot

150 square feet or more. $0.95 per square foot 

High Ceiling

Scaffolding for 15, 16 & 17 feet ceiling. $275 (If required)

Scaffolding for up to 22 feet ceiling. $350 (If required)

Trim & baseboard

75 feet or less. $2.50 per linear foot 

76 feet or more. $2.20 per linear foot 

Additional coatings. $0.50 per linear foot

Window & door frames

Window frame. $75-$150

Door frame. $100 

Add colors lines or stripes

3 lines of the same color. 12 inches in combined width. $3.75 linear foot

3 lines of the same color 12 inches in combined width, or 1 solid line up to 12 inches wide, and 2 stripes up to 6 inches. $6.50 linear foot

Multiple single color lines up to 12 inches width. $3.75 linear foot

Single solid color line up to 12 inches width. $3.00 linear foot

Supplemental single line up to 6 inches width. $2.00 linear foot

Questions and Answers 
Q. What is included in your standard baseboard painting 
A. Baseboards and trim painting includes: Scuffing, sanding, or both. Spackling and caulking cracks and dents. Thorough masking. Spraying* 1 coat of primer, and usually 2 coats of paint.  
Q. Do you always use primer before painting?
A. Primer would be preferred for drastic color changes and to reach desired smoothness. We don't charge for it separately, but as an additional coat. Without primer some colors would require up to 5 coats, where with primer 2 coats of paint could be sufficient.
Q. Do you rent and set up scaffolds, or scaffolding must be included with particular job.
A. We deliver and set up the scaffold tower for the high ceiling fixtures, and other projects that only we work on. There are a lot of rental places in Portland metro area that can rent any kind of scaffolding configurations