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Laminate Countertops Options

Any size. $22.50/SF 

2' X 4' area. $180 

2' X 6' area. $270 

2' X 8' area. $360 

Questions and Answers 
Q. Our kitchen countertop is ruptured on one side and uneven on the other side. Do we need to replace a whole countertop?
A. Most likely it can be fixed. Countertop was originally unevenly installed, and/or had bigger empty space near breaking point, and when it broke, uneven surface has become highly visible. One example of fixing it would be the following: Removing cabinet covering completely along with particleboard or plywood. Installing new particleboard and covering it with Formica laminate, or other desirable material. Laminate would be the most budget friendly option. It would be a perfect time to add small features like a backsplash, new sink, new faucet, etc. Please send us some photos, so we can see what your other options could look like. 
Q. Do you fix water damaged countertop?
A. Yes, we work with different water damages. [Please refer to previous answer]
Q. Can you remove stains from granite countertop?
A. Yes. If you have a stain means your countertop wasn't sealed, or was long time ago. With products we use, it usually takes 1 cleaning procedure to remove stain from granite, quartz, marble, or other stone. After cleaning stain we will seal your stone surface. It is recommended to reseal stone every 2 years, so give us a try. To request a stain removal, cleaning, and sealing for your countertops in Portland metro area, please go to "Cleaning options"