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Laminate Flooring Options

Covering area

149 square feet or less. $2.35 per square foot

150 square feet or more. $1.95 per square foot

Floor leveling

Up to 30 square feet. $6.25 per square foot 

Over 30 square feet. $5.75 per square foot 

Existing flooring removal

Carpet removal and disposal. $1.25 per square foot 

Linoleum and vinyl removal and disposal. $1.75 per square foot 

Unglued hardwood removal and disposal. $2.25 per square foot

Tile removal and disposal. $3.25 per square foot 


Straight stairs. $12 per linear foot of width 

Curved stairs. $22 per linear foot of width 


Transitions. $2.75 per linear foot

Continuous run without transition. $0.00 to $45 per room


New standard baseboard installation $1.75 per linear foot

Questions and Answers 
Q. I have damaged laminate plank board in the middle of the room. Is it fixable?
A. Yes we can replace single laminate board. To request this option in Portland metro area, please go to "To-Do List"
Q. I want to put laminate flooring myself, can you remove and dispose of the existing carpet only?
A. We do small demolition jobs for people who want to do the project themselves.
Q. Can you put laminate flooring on wall?
A. Absolutely. This budget friendly decor for home and business is great. It brings style, coziness, and modern look to the area. Here we used regular laminate with interlocking joints. More pictures available upon request.
Q. Is baseboard will be removed before installing laminate flooring?
A. In regards to baseboard there are always a few options. If existing baseboards are excellent we could remove, and then reinstall them. Also, we can leave original baseboards in place, and just add molding, or quarter-round at the end to cover the gap. Replacing old baseboards with new is the best option to completely refresh room with a new look.