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Plumbing fixture replacement options


Kitchen faucet replacement. $135

Bathroom faucet replacement. $115 

Each additional bathroom faucet. $90 

Motion sensor touchless faucet. $175

Sinks (Standard)

Kitchen sink replacement. $145 

Bathroom sink replacement. $125 

Each additional bathroom sink. $100 

Garbage disposal

Replacing existing with new. $175 

Installing new unit. $275 


Standard toilet replacement. $175 

Each additional. $150

Questions and Answers 
Q. Will weak water flow disappear if I replace faucet?
A. If water flow is weak only at that particular location, than most likely yes. 
Note: If you experience low water flow in multiple locations that could be a sign of a serious problem like a leak in the supply line, and IF that is the case you need to hire qualified plumber.
Q. Do you guys come out for clogged drain and toilet? 
A. Yes we do
Q. We were advised that we can't fix it, and need a new kitchen faucet? [Picture attached]
A. It is because your faucet is older model, and there is no such replacement kit available for it. But it's very possible that it is fixable. If you could look underneath and see if there are any markings, or labels on it. Maybe we could order parts. Another way I would do it is take it apart, and see if I could match the needed part. Please let me know.