Hi, this is Alex. I worked as a commercial carpenter for local construction company, and my last job as a carpenter was at new Nike facility in Beaverton, when I realized that I enjoy small residential projects much more than big commercial jobs. I'm currently a part of Home Depot Pro Services general contractors team, and doing small projects for Raynolds School District. So, if you have small project, please contact. I specializing in electrical and plumbing fixtures replacements, PEX A, PEX B +++, door locks and hardware installation, door jamb repairs, and other small, under 4 hours residential and commercial projects. I'm Licensed, insured, and bonded. Construction Contractor Board #233510. Offering handyman services in metro area of Portland Oregon. Thank you for visiting

New Fixture Installation 

As a skilled and reliable handyman, I bring a wealth of expertise to tackle a diverse array of tasks and projects. From the meticulous installation of fixtures to ensuring the security of your space with door lock enhancements, I am dedicated to delivering top-notch services. Whether it's brightening up your surroundings with new lighting fixtures or upgrading your kitchen and bathroom with faucet installations, my goal is to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. I specialize in a range of home improvements, from installing range hoods and TVs to window screens and security cameras. With precision and efficiency, I am here to enhance your living space, one project at a time.

New Fixture Installation: Enhance your space with the seamless addition of stylish and functional fixtures.

New Door Lock Installation: Boost security and peace of mind with a robust and modern door lock installation.

New Lighting Fixture Installation: Illuminate your surroundings with the perfect ambiance through expert lighting fixture installation.

New Range Hood Installation: Ensure a smoke-free kitchen environment with a sleek and efficient range hood installation.

New TV Installation: Elevate your entertainment experience with professional and secure TV installation services.

New Kitchen Faucet Installation: Bring style and functionality to your kitchen with a hassle-free and expertly installed new faucet.

New Bathroom Faucet Installation: Upgrade your bathroom's aesthetics and functionality with a precision-installed new faucet.

New Faucet Installation: Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, enjoy improved water flow and design aesthetics with a new faucet installation.

New Smoke Detector Installation: Prioritize safety with a swift and accurate installation of a new smoke detector.

New Window Screen Installation: Enjoy fresh air without the pests – experience a seamless new window screen installation.

New Wireless Security Cameras Installation: Heighten your property's security with strategic and professional wireless security camera installations.

New Vanity Installation: Transform your bathroom with a chic and space-efficient vanity installation for a touch of luxury.

Residential handyman rates

Scope of project identification. 15-30 minutes- $0.00

General handyman services. First hour- $120. Additional hour- $60 

Electrical, plumbing, and custom handyman services. First hour- $180. Additional hour- $60. 

Optional technician assistant for your project- $30/hour. (Typically required for 60"+ TV mounts, ceiling range hood installation, carport assemblies, and other projects that require additional person. Can be added to any project. Technician assistant availability is not guaranteed.)

Specializing in small, 4 hours or less interior projects, and exterior assemblies of any size.

Licensed, Insured, Bonded. State of Oregon Construction Contractors Board #233510