Hi, this is Alex. I worked as a commercial carpenter for local construction company, and my last job as a carpenter was at new Nike facility in Beaverton, when I realized that I enjoy small residential projects much more than big commercial jobs. I'm currently a part of Home Depot Pro Services general contractors team, and doing small projects for Raynolds School District. So, if you have small project, please contact. I specializing in electrical and plumbing fixtures replacements, PEX A, PEX B +++, door locks and hardware installation, door jamb repairs, and other small, under 4 hours residential and commercial projects. I'm Licensed, insured, and bonded. Construction Contractor Board #233510. Offering handyman services in metro area of Portland Oregon. Thank you for visiting

Smart Appliances and Fixtures Installation

As a handyman, my expertise extends beyond traditional repairs to embracing the latest advancements in home technology. Installing smart appliances is a seamless integration of innovation into the heart of households. From intelligent thermostats optimizing energy consumption to smart kitchen appliances streamlining daily tasks, my commitment is to enhance not just the functionality but the overall efficiency of modern homes. Embracing these cutting-edge solutions ensures that homeowners not only experience convenience but also contribute to a more sustainable and connected living environment.

Smart Thermostat: Control your home's heating and cooling remotely, optimizing energy usage.

Regular, non-smart thermostats installation as well

Smart heated flooring thermostat 

Regular, non-smart flooring thermostat installation and replacement

Smart Dishwasher: Manage dishwasher settings and monitor cycles from your phone. 

Regular, non-smart dishwasher installation as well

Smart Lighting Fixture: Control lighting remotely, set schedules, and create personalized ambiance.

Regular, non-smart lighting fixture installation as well

Smart Door Lock: Enhance home security with keyless entry, remote access, and activity tracking.

Regular, non-smart door locks installation as well

Smart Camera: Monitor your home with intelligent security cameras accessible from your phone.

Smart Doorbell: Receive notifications and interact with visitors via your smartphone.

Smart Blinds/Shades: Automate window coverings based on schedules, weather, or voice commands. 12. Smart TVs: Access streaming services, control content, and integrate with smart home ecosystems.

Regular, non-smart blinds/shades installation as well

Smart Mirror: Display information, weather updates, and fitness metrics while getting ready.

Smart TV mount: Come equipped with features such as motorized movement, remote control compatibility, and even integration with smart home systems. Smart TV mounts offer enhanced flexibility and convenience, allowing users to adjust the position or angle of the TV with ease, often providing a more immersive viewing experience

Regular, non-smart mirror installation as well

Smart Pet Doors, smart VTs, and more..

Residential handyman rates

Scope of project identification. 15-30 minutes- $0.00

General handyman services. First hour- $120. Additional hour- $60 

Electrical, plumbing, and custom handyman services. First hour- $180. Additional hour- $60. 

Optional technician assistant for your project- $30/hour. (Typically required for 60"+ TV mounts, ceiling range hood installation, carport assemblies, and other projects that require additional person. Can be added to any project. Technician assistant availability is not guaranteed.)

Specializing in small, 4 hours or less interior projects, and exterior assemblies of any size.

Licensed, Insured, Bonded. State of Oregon Construction Contractors Board #233510
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