Hi, this is Alex. I worked as a commercial carpenter for local construction company, and my last job as a carpenter was at new Nike facility in Beaverton, when I realized that I enjoy small residential projects much more than big commercial jobs. I'm currently a part of Home Depot Pro Services general contractors team, and doing small projects for Raynolds School District. So, if you have small project, please contact. I specializing in electrical and plumbing fixtures replacements, PEX A, PEX B +++, door locks and hardware installation, door jamb repairs, and other small, under 4 hours residential and commercial projects. I'm Licensed, insured, and bonded. Construction Contractor Board #233510. Offering handyman services in metro area of Portland Oregon. Thank you for visiting

Smart Plumbing Fixture Installation

GALAXSAW Handyman Services is offering installation and replacement of wide range of plumbing fixtures including smart fixtures like:

Installation of touchless kitchen faucet or touchless bathroom faucet will allow you to turn the faucet on or off without touching the faucet. Usually those type of faucet have built in motion sensor and most of them are operating on batteries. Her's a tip that is not in your instructions. If you want to temporary or completely disable motion sensor and operate the faucet regularly you must turn on water first, and then activate the motion sensor so the water is running, and only then disconnect power source from the faucet. 

Opposite of the the touchless faucet is touch sensor faucet. It allows you to turn water on or off with a simple touch of any metallic part of the faucet. If you like both touchless and touch censored faucet and don't know which to pick, good news, there are plenty hybrid options, faucet that have both of those 2 options in one. 

We install and replace all types of faucets including efficient water-saving faucets. If you purchased eco water-saving faucet by accident you may experience low water flow. In this case you don't have to return it and replace with something else, but in many cases, water-saving insert can be removed from the waterline. We do not guarantee that low water pressure in your faucet can be resolved by this method. Low water pressure can be caused by many factors. You are welcome to schedule an appointment and we will be happy to check it out. 

Residential handyman rates

Scope of project identification. 15-30 minutes- $0.00

General handyman services. First hour- $120. Additional hour- $60 

Electrical, plumbing, and custom handyman services. First hour- $180. Additional hour- $60. 

Optional technician assistant for your project- $30/hour. (Typically required for 60"+ TV mounts, ceiling range hood installation, carport assemblies, and other projects that require additional person. Can be added to any project. Technician assistant availability is not guaranteed.)

Specializing in small, 4 hours or less interior projects, and exterior assemblies of any size.

Licensed, Insured, Bonded. State of Oregon Construction Contractors Board #233510
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